Merit360 - Join 360 global young leaders in NYC

Merit360 is the world's most significant program for global citizens committed to tackle the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. It is innovative and inspirational. End of August 2016, World Merit will gather 360 changemakers from all over the world in the USA for two weeks, to work on projects that will contribute in tackling the SDGs. These two weeks will focus on skill development, teamwork and sustainable development projects. The program is meant to be life- and world changing for the participants and the planet. It concludes in the United Nations Headquarters in New York and will include many global leaders as speakers and mentors.

As participant, you will work as part of a team of 360 people representing (almost) every country, and what you develop will be presented at the United Nations and be implemented for the good of global society. You will lead hundreds of thousands of people, from World Merit and beyond, in taking action and ensuring a better future for all.

You will start by getting to know the 360 participants in the World Merit community platform. After researching issues, this group will gather in the United States, with much of the program facilitated at Indian Head Camp, before the conclusion convenes in the United Nations HQ in New York. The period from 27 August - 12 September 2016 will prove incredibly important for you as an individual and we will work to make sure it is also the start of something important for the planet.


If you can’t quite decide what SDG you are most passionate about tackling, but you have awesome media or creative skills to bring to Merit360, then you can also apply to become part of the 360 Media and Creative Team. To make a real impact, we need to tell the world what we are doing! We are looking for 60 people to support the work of the teams that are working towards projects tackling the Sustainable Development Goals. Like the other 360 delegates, you will take part in many of the workshops, listen to the key notes and have the opportunity to work on the different projects.

Roles include: filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers, social media managers, researchers, tech experts, journalists, bloggers, artists and podcasters.


All we ask of our applicants is that they are ready to make a change, and to do this now. Applying is easy.

Step 1: fill in the application form HERE

Step 2: take the short online eligibility interview

Step 3: get selected and pay the deposit to confirm your place

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