Smaby Fellowship--Humphrey students this is due Feb 1


Apply by Feb. 1, 2015 for the Philip C. Smaby Peace Fellowship.
Apply separately by Feb 1 to enroll in the Oslo International Summer School.

The Smaby family and the University of Minnesota Foundation have established a generous fellowship of $6000.00 for a student at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs to participate in a graduate course in Peace Research; Human Rights; Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries; Energy, Environment & Sustainable Development; International Community Health; A Changing Arctic; or International Development Studies at the University of Oslo International Summer School, from June 20 to July 31, 2015.

You can complete graduate credits towards your Humphrey degree while studying and living on the beautiful campus of the University of Oslo and participating in trips around the country. The International Summer School was started after World War II to promote international peace and development. For full information on the summer school and courses, go to

The Smaby Fellowship covers a generous portion of the summer school costs, though not all. Students should be prepared to pay some additional costs for personal expenses. The fellowship covers all program fees (including room and board) and up to $2035.00 of airfare or other related costs (note that course fees vary).

You must apply separately for the Smaby Peace Fellowship and to the International Summer School. Please see the attached instructions and scholarship application form. The deadline for both applications is February 1, 2015. Both first year and second (or more advanced) students are eligible, but you must NOT have graduated before the end of the summer school period (i.e., you must still have student status).

Complete the International Summer School application for self-financed applicants (as you will be completing the Smaby Fellowship application), and upload required documents at by Feb 1, 2015. Include a note in your Statement of Purpose indicating that you have applied for the Philip C. Smaby Peace Fellowship. You will be informed of the outcome of your Smaby Fellowship application within a week of the deadline. [Note: If you are not selected as the Smaby Fellowship recipient, you are still welcome to apply for the ISS with other sources of financing.]

Please see the attached instructions and forms for application to the Smaby Peace Fellowship. Smaby Fellowship application 2015.docx and Smaby Fellowship instructions 2015.docx

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