Monday Mar 21 "Social Influence in the Effects of the International Human Rights Regime"

"Social Influence in the Effects of the International Human Rights Regime: Beyond Agenda Setting?"

3:30 PM, Monday, March 21, 2016.
Lippincott Room, 1314 Social Sciences Building, West Bank, University of Minnesota

Alejandro Anaya Muñoz, visiting Fulbright scholar of human rights, will present at the political science graduate student international relations colloquium one of his most recent papers, which discussion the relationship between International Organizations (IOs) and states. Analyzing original quantitative data from Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe, Anaya explores the role of IOs in the configuration of states' interests and normative agendas, looking at the reporting procedure of the Human Rights Committee (HRC) of the United Nations. His findings indicate that states take the HRC seriously and play the role of "good members" of the human rights regime, following the human rights agenda previously set by the Committee.

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