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The BIMCP III is a five-year project, funded by the Government of Equatorial Guinea and Marathon Oil Corporation and its partners, AMPCO, Noble Energy, which seeks to substantially reduce morbidity and mortality caused by malaria on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. The project’s interventions build on those established during Phase I (2004-2008) and Phase II (2009-

2013) and are centered on indoor residual spraying, distribution of long-lasting insecticidal nets, focal larval source control, vector surveillance, malaria diagnosis and case management, behavior change communication, and monitoring and evaluation.

The Equatorial Guinea Malaria Vaccine Initiative (EGMVI) is currently in its second stage which is expected to be completed at the end of December 2015 and will enter a third concurrent stage to start in May 2015 through December 2018. The EGMVI is designed to implement several clinical trials for a new sporozoite-based vaccine developed by Sanaria Inc and in the process to lay the groundwork for a mass elimination vaccination campaign should a licensed vaccine be produced.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
MS in public health, infectious diseases or related discipline
Strong written and verbal communications skills; good interpersonal skills
Fluent in spoken and written English and Spanish
Strong computer skills, including MS Office, STATA
Experience with program planning
Experience with budgeting
Previously experience working in resource poor settings desirable
Previous experience working in African countries desirable

Overview of Position:

The Associate Project Manager is a position created to provide support to the Project Manager and Chief-of-Party in planning and overseeing the financial and operations management and monitoring and reporting on the BIMCP and EGMVI projects in Equatorial Guinea. The Associate Project Manager is intended to reinforce the Project Manager’s and COP’s abilities to guide, coordinate, facilitate, monitor/track and report on the activities of the two projects, ensuring that the activities of both projects are implemented in accordance with well-structured plans, protocols and budgets, in a timely, complete and accurate manner. Particular emphasis will be placed by the Associate Project Manager in facilitating the planning, coordination and monitoring of the vaccine activities, backstopping the in-country MCDI Vaccine Project Officer and liaising with the various implementing partners (Sanaria, IHI, STPHI, etc.) to ensure that activities are accomplished as planned and budgeted. The Associate Project Manager will also provide remote technical and operational support to the BIMCP field team in the area of monitoring and evaluation, with particular attention to helping to develop protocols, develop data collection/management tools (e.g. in ODK, DroidDB, Stata, Excel, etc.), and the analysis of data for decision-making purposes. The Associate Project Manager will work under the close guidance and supervision of the Project Manager. The Associate Project Manager will also help facilitate coordination and support from the Project Manager and MCDI home office with the Chief-of-Party, providing assistance to the field team on specific tasks that are agreed-to with the Project Manager and COP. The Associate Project Manager will also coordinate with and provide support as requested by the Project Manager to the home office Senior Financial Manager in areas of budgeting and expenditure control, and to the home office Human Resource department in the areas of contracting.

Specific Responsibilities
Specific responsibilities of the Associate Project Manager include, inter alia:

Provide operational and technical support to the Project Manager and COP
Work with the Project Manager, the Chief-of-Party, and the home office Operations Manager to ensure that all activities/tasks for the BIMCP and EGMVI projects are specified, updated and tracked through SharePoint. Assist the Project Manager in ensuring that there is timely and complete follow-up on all activities/tasks that require the Project Manager’s oversight and technical/operational support/inpu This will include directly assisting the Project Manager in reviewing and drafting documents, correspondence, task updates, etc.
Help organize, participate in and assist the Project Manager in conducting weekly teleconferences with the Chief-of-Party, producing SharePoint task update reports for each to be used by the Project Manager to track and follow-up on progress towards the accomplishment of tasks.
Assist the Project Manager in preparing for a monthly teleconference with Marathon’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Carl Maas, participating in these calls as appropriate.
Assist the Project Manager in undertaking any other task as required to support the BIMCP and EGMVI including those related to planning, coordination, technical support, supervision, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
Develop Terms of Reference (TORs) for sub-contracts, consultant contracts, and expatriate staff as required.

Facilitate the planning, coordination and monitoring of the EGMVI activities
Under the guidance of the Project Manager and in close consultation with the COP, assist in planning, coordinating and monitoring EGMVI activities, ensuring, to the extent possible, that activities remain on track, and are adjusted or reconfigured if there are inevitable d
Assist the Project Manager in ensuring effective coordination with the various partners engaged in supporting the EGMVI – Sanaria, IHI, SwissTPH, etc.
Provide remote technical and operational support to MCDI’s field office Vaccine Project Officer to ensure that MCDI’s inputs to the vaccine initiative are forthcoming in a timely, complete and appropriate m
Provide guidance and/or input as required to the home office Operations Manager and the home office Senior Financial Manager in updating sub-contract budgets and ensuring that sub-contracts are in place or are renewed or amended as required in a timely and accurate m

Provide Technical and Operational Support for Monitoring and Evaluation
Under the guidance of and with the approval of the Project Manager and COP, provide remote technical and operational support to the field M&E team in developing protocols, data collection and data management tools (e.g. in ODK, DroidDB, Stata, Excel etc.), and data analysis.
In consultation with the Project Manager, assist in testing and providing systems design suggestions for the CIMS, working in consultation with the field office M&E team and HO IT Manager.
Backstop the M&E Officer in the updating of the BIMCP Indicator Dashboard.

Assist in the analysis of BIMCP and EGMVI data as appropriate, and participate in the preparation of publications on the BIMCP and EGMVI.
Assume primary home office responsibility for the drafting of the quarterly progress reports for the BIMCP and EGMVI, collating and editing the field office input, and drafting the home office sections. The draft report will be sent to the Project Manager for final review/editing at least 3 days before the reports are due.
Participate in BIMCP and EGMVI conference calls, taking notes and updating SharePoint tasks as required for home office follow-up.
Assist in the preparation of presentations for quarterly review and technical m
Assist in the preparation of bulletins, news releases and analyses of project performance, as required.

Other Activities
Support the Project Manager in carrying other responsibilities/tasks as
Assist with the organization of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meetings, symposia, and other project-related events throughout the year.
Contribute to staff selection such as developing appropriate interview questions, reviewing CVs, ranking qualification, etc.
Develop and disseminate desktop procedures for key processes at the Home and Field Offices.

Line of Authority: The Associate Project Manager will coordinate as required with the COP and home office Senior Financial Manager, reporting directly to the BIMCP/EGMVI Project Manager, and through him/her to the Director of the International Division.

Start of activities: August 1, 2016
Location: Silver Spring, MD

To apply: Please send a cover letter, CV, USAID Biodata sheet, and the information of 3 references to Please address your cover letter to Deborah.

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