Reconsidering Development: Call For Papers Spring 2017

The editorial board of Reconsidering Development invites submissions for the Spring 2017 volume of the journal. Reconsidering Development is an open access, peer reviewed e-journal that aims to create an equitable space for dialogue and discussion concerning the theory and practice of international development. Submissions can be research articles, policy briefs, book reviews, and photo essays on a variety of development topics. Previous issues have included articles on development and aid, economics, education, the environment,  health, and language, but submissions are not limited to these topics. For the Spring volume, the journal is seeking manuscripts and media which fall into either of two themes, one specific and the other general: 1) Refugees, Migration, and Movement, 2) Reconsidering Development Theory and Practice. See below for more information on the submissions criteria, process, and guidelines. The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2017.

Submissions are encouraged from from a wide variety of development actors—scholars, graduate students, practitioners, policy-makers, and community activists—spanning different disciplines and geographic regions. Reconsidering Development particularly encourages submissions that reflect underrepresented voices, creative methodologies, and contemporary forms of expression in order to reconsider the broader field of development. We hope that this deliberate fusion of experiences will help to transform and push the boundaries of knowledge around which development theory and practice is built. The journal’s readers include faculty and students in many departments– including the social sciences, public policy, economics, education, history, health sciences, and development studies–as well as development practitioners and policymakers. Therefore, we prefer submissions that speak across disciplines and to a general audience of scholars and practitioners.
We are seeking manuscripts and media which fall into either of the two themes. Suggested topics within these themes include, but are not limited to:

Refugees, Migration, and Movement
  • Refugees and migration in light of nationalist movements around the world
  • Nations, non-state actors, and transnationalism
  • Education, political participation, and social inclusion
  • Human rights and migration
  • The role of international development and humanitarian assistance in a refugee crisis

Reconsidering Development Theory and Practice
  • Recent trends and practices in international development, related to politics and governance, the environment, food security, natural resources, economic growth, health and education, and more
  • Development policies/concepts/models which have received too much attention, or those which have not received enough
  • Questioning development institutions and goals
  • The culture and institutions of international development
  • Theoretical, historical, philosophical, or political concerns around international development
  • Marginalized voices in development

Submission Deadline: February 15, 2017

Articles must be submitted through the Submit Article link on the Reconsidering Development website. See below for details about submission formats.


Seeking Reviewers, Copy Editors, and Assistant Editors

We are also seeking peer reviewers and copy-editors for Reconsidering Development to assist with reviewing and editing the Spring volume and future issues. In addition, the editorial board is accepting applications for assistant editors from the fields of economics, environmental sciences, health, or interdisciplinary international development studies. To volunteer for any of these positions, please fill out this brief volunteer form.  

Submission Formats

Submissions are accepted in the form of research articles, policy notes, book reviews, and photo/artistic essays.

Research Articles
Research Articles should be well-rounded conceptual or empirical analyses, based on original research, and should include a literature review and conceptual/theoretical framework, methods, and analysis/discussion sections. Articles may (and are encouraged to) include accompanying media (graphs, maps, figures, photos). Articles are typically 7,000-9,000 words in length.

Policy Notes/Briefs
Policy Notes/Briefs are short descriptions of innovative development policies or programs or evaluations of development policies or programs. While these may focus on a particular issue or context, they should have relevance for the journal theme and an international audience. Notes may (and are encouraged to) include accompanying media (graphs, maps, figures, photos). Notes should not exceed 2,000 words in length.

Book Reviews
Reviews can cover one book or several related titles, preferably those published in the last two years. Preference will be given for reviews that critically engage with the book and connect it with larger issues in academics and society, beyond a summary of content. Reviews should not exceed 1,000 words in length.

Photo/Artistic Essays
Photo or artistic essays convey a powerful message using photographic images or artwork while telling a story or exploring an idea. We request an accompanying written piece to the artistic expression in the form of 100-300 words (either as an attached essay or as detailed captions to each photo) to be uploaded as a separate document. In addition to original photos and artwork, we also encourage video and audio submissions. All media may be edited for size and quality to fit layout or optimize files for web delivery. Authors will have the opportunity to preview results before publication.

For additional information on submission requirements, please reference the Submission Guidelines and Policies.
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