Part-Time Job: Chicago Public Schools

Department: Nutrition Support Services

Organization: Chicago Public Schools

Title: Data Analyst (Part Time) - 30 hours for week

Job description:
The analyst reports to the Staffing Manager and is responsible for assisting with the payroll process, including managing documentation, entering data, conducting weekly checks and follow up. The analyst will also support will the discipline process focusing on facilitating issuing of discipline, ensuring documents are logged with the Office of Employee Engagement and building an internal database for reference. The analyst will also be responsible for other job duties for the department including but not limited to gathering and verifying data related to various programs, developing Google forms and monitoring and responding to queries, ensuring website is updated and more as required.

To apply: please send a cover letter and resume to

This material is sent by Shruti Saxena and appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community. This is meant for information sharing purposes only
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