Regional lead, Transparency & Accountability Team, The Engine Room (Sub-Saharan Africa)

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Excited About Social Change In Sub-Saharan Africa? We’re Recruiting For A New Regional Lead For Our Transparency & Accountability Team

The Engine Room supports social change organisations to make the most of data and technology to increase their impact. We’re looking for someone to join the Transparency & Accountability Team and lead our programmatic work in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Could you be the Regional Lead in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Do you have a vision for the role technology and data can play in advocacy?
Do you have experience working with transparency and accountability initiatives?
Are you passionate about projects that result in real-world impact?
Do you excel at organising, coordinating and project management?
Do you want to contribute to positive social and political changes in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Are you a creative thinker who enjoys tackling complex problems with good humor?
Are you a self-starter, who is also comfortable working in a distributed team and taking an active role in defining work plans and program strategy?
Do you enjoy documenting and sharing project experiences with partners and colleagues?
If so, read on, this position might be a great fit for you.

The Transparency & Accountability team with Matchbox partners in Latin America.

The Position

As part of the Transparency & Accountability Team, you will be responsible for carrying out our transparency and accountability projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, including the regional implementation of what we call the Matchbox process.

A big part of your work will involve identifying local transparency and accountability communities and selecting our future partners, working with these partners to refine project ideas into viable project plans, helping them implement their projects and advising them on various aspects of their initiatives, as well as developing networks with local technologists, designers and data experts.

Day to day, you’ll be be working in direct collaboration with the Transparency & Accountability Team’s lead, and other members of the team. You will spend time exploring needs and opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa, contributing to the documentation and storytelling process, and providing input and support in the strategic development of The Engine Room’s Transparency and Accountability Program and Matchbox community.

The Engine Room has a sharp and diverse team of doers who want to support social change organizations. If you get excited about working with people who all come from different cultures but have the same humble and eager approach to social change, you’ll fit in well.
Salary and Start Date

The regional project lead is a full-time, 100% position (5 days a week).

The role is compensated competitively, between 3500-5000USD per month, based on experience and location.

The ideal candidate would be available to start immediately.


You speak fluent English
You have reliable internet connection
You have great writing skills
You have the skills to manage workflows, schedules, and activities
You have at least 3 years of working experience
You have a demonstrated experience working with transparency and accountability initiatives
You have a concrete and conceptual understanding of how to use data and technology to develop sound and innovative project plans
Very, very strong communication skills and ability to effectively work remotely with the Engine Room team and local partners

Strong networks with regional civil society organizations and activist communities
An understanding of how social change organizations work, learn, and adapt
The flexibility to travel regionally (ideally, you would be based in the region)
About the Transparency & Accountability Team

The Engine Room’s Transparency and Accountability (T/A) Team supports the successful adoption of data and technology in the transparency and accountability sector. We design and implement support formats that build the advocacy capacities of interested data and technology communities, and the capacities of T/A advocates to successfully integrate data and technology into their work.

Our flagship support mechanism is Matchbox. In these partnerships, we provide in-depth, long-term support to a subnational or national partner with clear socio-political aims. We accompany these partners to design, develop, and manage a data and technology project. We emphasise developing the partner’s capacity to manage data and technology within their organisation, and to integrate it into their socio-political strategies.

Read more about the program and our previous Matchbox partners, or see who we are working with in Latin America.

Doing this work well requires a sound understanding of when and how technology can improve advocacy. And that’s where you come in.

Ready to apply?
Please fill out the form and submit your CV and cover letter by March 21, 2017.

This is a rolling application process, meaning that we will review applications and invite selected candidates to interview as we receive applications.

We might make a final selection before the deadline, therefore candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

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