Apr 27 IPID Student Research Conference

Conference Line-up

Presentation 1: Mitigating the impact of illegal cattle ranching on deforestation in protected environmental zones in Mesoamerica
Team Members: Lily Osborne (MDP), Shai Fogelson (MS-STEP), Nfamara K Dampha (MDP) and Audel Shokohzadeh (MPP)
Team Advisor: Dave Wilsey

Presentation 2: Evaluation of the Namibian Empowerment and Equality for the Deaf through Skills-Transfer, Mentorship, Education & Technical-Training (NEEDS-MET) Program.
Team Members: Camila Fonseca, Bettsy Hjelseth, Rebekah Nelson, Evan Hromada.
Team Advisor: Sherry Gray

Presentation 3: Leveraging Human-Centered Design to Improve Maternal and Child Survival in West Africa
Team Members: Katelynn Rolfes, Oyudari Baatartsogt, Kristina Doan and Elise Holmes
Team Advisor: Robert Kudrle

Presentation 4: Exit Strategies: A Community Led Approach with OneVillage Partners
Team Name: OneVillage Partners
Team Members: Sean Hadorn, Maria Villarraga, Corinna Turbes, Antony Makuri
Team Advisor: Robert Kudrle

Presentation 5: The MoSAIC Process
Team Name: MoSAIC
Team Members: June Nkwenge, Alex Cheatham,, Claire Psarouthakis and Yu Sun
Advisor: Dave Wilsey

Presentation 6: Monetary policy in the U.S and around the world
Team Members: Jargalmaa Erdenemandakh, Wenchen Wang (MPP 2017)
Advisor: Dr. Morris Kleiner

Presentation7: Ethnographic study in Senegal and Social Expectations of “School Success”
Presenter: Haley Madderom
Advisers: Peter Demerath and Bill Beeman
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