Call for Papers: Intern'l Grad Student Conference: Korea's Diplomacy & Soft Power

Call for Papers: International Graduate Student Conference: Korea's Diplomacy and Soft Power


We seek abstracts on a wide range of topics related to Korea’s diplomacy and/or soft power which can include but not limited to:

-Korea’s diplomatic practices
-Korea’s foreign policies and vision
-Korea’s democratization and economic development experiences
-Korea’s international development cooperation practices
-Korea’s public diplomacy activities
-Non-state actors’ role in Korea’s diplomacy and public diplomacy

Best Articles Award:
1st place - 1,000,000 Won (~$900)
2nd place - 500,000 Won (~$450)
3rd place - 250,000 Won (~$225)

Key Dates:
Final Papers Due: 22 October
(Final Papers: 4000-8000 words)

*Ten best articles will be published as chapters in an edited book.
*Ten contributors to the edited book will get 250,000 won (~$225) each.

(The award winners will get this remuneration for their chapters in addition the award prize.)

Please send your submission to
For more information, please visit the conference website:

*The Conference is organized at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Contact Info:
Hangang Network for Academic and Cultural Exchanges (Korean NGO)

Contact Email:

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