Carnegie Corp grant will create Research Working Group on Economic Vulnerability in Arab World

Dr. Ragui Assaad of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs in partnership with Dr. Caroline Krafft (MPP 2011) at St. Catherine University have been awarded a $498,000 grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The grant is part of a Carnegie initiative titled Supporting Arab Region Social Science Innovation and Policy Development.  Drs. Assaad and Krafft will use the grant to embark on a project titled “Establishing a Research Working Group on Economic Vulnerability in the Arab World.”

The project aims to enhance the capacity of Middle-East area economists through targeted training sessions and mentorship programs. The working group will engage in studies related to economic vulnerability in the region, a critical topic that has not yet received sufficient attention. With Carnegie’s financial support, the team will build economics research capacity in the Arab region, support research on economic vulnerability, and develop researchers’ capacities to translate their work into salient, policy-relevant recommendations. Senior scholars from around the world will lead Arab region junior scholars through two summer institutes at the Humphrey School as part of a two-year program to increase capacity to produce and communicate policy-relevant research focused on economic vulnerability.

Dr. Assaad and associates will aim through this research agenda to cultivate a generation of economists and social scientists that work to render visible the constraints and risks that vulnerable populations face and communicate effective policy options to address their needs.
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