MDP alum Stephan at Orbis International, based in Beijing

MDP Alum Tai Stephan starts a six month contract position with Orbis International as an independent M&E consultant. Orbis International's mission is to save sight worldwide. Of the 285 million people in the world with visual impairment, it is estimated that 80%, or 228 million people, would be able to see with proper treatment. Orbis targets its work to this catchment: the needlessly blind. While Orbis is best known for its Flying Eye Hospital-- a plane equipped with all the facilities of a modern eye center has been traveling to remote areas around the globe since 1982 to deliver ophthalmological services to populations that would otherwise be untreated-- the organization specializes in capacity building and pediatric eye care and is involved in all aspects of eye health.

Tai will be based out of the Beijing office and is in charge of evaluating Orbis' North Asia projects. This includes eight active projects in thirteen provinces in China and one in Ulaaanbaatar, Mongolia. All of the projects work with tertiary hospitals to first build their human and technical capacities, then expand their activities to build capacity in smaller cities and at the village level. Along with her M&E responsibilities, Tai will also help manage the office's transition to a new project management platform that will improve the organization's reporting and analytical capabilities.
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Orbis International gives communities across the world access to quality eye care, transforming lives and restoring vision for those who need it most.
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