Jonathan Kirshner speaking at MIRC - Oct 30

MIRC will be hosting Prof. Jonathan Kirshner of Cornell University on Monday, September 30th from 3:30-5:00 pm in Lippincott, 1314 Social Sciences Building.

Prof. Kirshner's presentation "Classical Realism in World Politics" is based on his book manuscript in progress. You can find the abstract for the talk below. We are also circulating a previously published paper by Prof. Kirshner where he explores some of the key theses of his book.

As always, coffee will be provided. We hope to see many of you there.

MIRC organizers,
Elif, Samarjit and Emily

Classical Realism in World Politics

What is Classical Realism and why does it matter? Classical Realism is an approach to world politics that takes as its point of departure the assumptions associated with both realism and rationalism more generally (the consequences of anarchy, the purposeful pursuit of interests), but does so in a way that embraces history, content, politics and uncertainty. As such, it departs from two dominant approaches to the study of international relations, structural realism and “rational explanations for war”—approaches which exclude such factors in their analyses. A classical approach is needed because both structural realism and hyper-rationalist approaches are grounded in fundamentally flawed assumptions that undermine their capacity to explain, anticipate and understand behavior in world politics.
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