Maria Ignacia Terra 2016-17 student editor of Global Notes

Maria Terra will serve this coming academic year as graduate student editor of Global Notes. The email address for Global Notes is Maria will monitor that email. Humphrey students and faculty please send her updates on your international projects and activities.

Maria Terra is a second year student from Chile at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs pursuing the Masters in Human Rights program with a concentration on law and policy. She is an ICGC Fellow and a Fulbright Scholar. Her undergraduate work was done at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile receiving a Political Scientist degree. After that she pursued a Master’s degree in Political Science focused on International Relations at the same university. Maria has worked in different projects related to the human rights field, specially in transitional justice focused on human rights violations of the chilean dictatorship, and last year in a project with Prof. Barbara Frey on disappearances in Mexico. She recently spent her summer internship in Seattle working with the Seattle Human Rights Commission and the City's Office for Civil Rights, working on local human rights issues.

You can contact her via email at

Welcome Maria!

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