March 6 Lunch roundtable with Colombian activist from Tierra Digna

Wednesday 3/6 from 12:15-1:15 (Lunch Provided)
Room 475 Law School UMN
RSVP to the Human Rights Center Director Amanda Lyons:

Please join the Human Rights Center from the UMN Law School next Wednesday to meet with Viviana Tacha, Colombian activist/lawyer with the NGO Tierra Digna

With the Tierra Digna team, she leads several litigation and advocacy strategies with communities resisting mega-mining projects. She is also opening a new line of research and activism related to agro-industry.

Viviana has worked with several of the most prominent human-rights NGOs in Colombia and was also a staff advisor for Senator and peasant leader Alberto Castilla Salazar.

She earned her law degree from the National University of Colombia with a specialization in Constitutional Law. She has a Master’s degree in the Sociology of Law from the International Institute of the Sociology of Law in Oñati, Basque Country.

Tierra Digna is a Colombian organization dedicated to the defense of communities affected by economic policies and projects that threaten their territories and lead to human rights violations and environmental devastation. Tierra Digna works in solidarity with communities to defend their right to seek alternatives to this model of development in pursuit of social justice and a dignified life.

Tierra Digna concentrates on a holistic accompaniment of communities through litigation, research, capacity-building, and knowledge exchange aimed at the full protection and enjoyment of human rights.

Currently, the thematic áreas of work include: energy projects (dams); the right to water (defense of community aqueducts); impacts of mining (gold and carbon); defense of artisanal fishing and impacts of fishing industry; protection and conservation of forests; and biodiversity. 
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