Humphrey Fellow Sanchez leads trade seminar on Cuba, Apr 9, DEED Conf Ctr


Cuba: An Insider Perspective of Opportunities & Challenges, part of the MTO Latin America Series, will devote special attention to the trade and investment opportunities and obstacles that Cuba offers to foreign companies. By identifying the most relevant economic needs for Cuba, the seminar will provide and update information on strengths and weaknesses of the Cuban market. The seminar will also pay attention to the treatment of imports within the Cuba, by providing valuable information about the procedure to effectively deliver an export to Cuba, the payment, financing and insurance systems, the current legal framework, and a list of the main Cuban import and export enterprises.

We invite you to learn more about the opportunities and challenges for Minnesota businesses, particularly after the reinstatement of sanctions against Cuba last June, as well as the changes expected following the Cuban presidential transition following the end of President Raul Castro’s term this April.

The event provides an opportunity to learn from an insider the current and real economic and political situation in Cuba, as well as the current state of the relations between Cuba and the U.S.

Recent changes created great excitement in Cuba. The Cuban Communist Party wrote the 2011 Economic, Political and Social Guidelines that were subsequently adopted by the National Assembly of People’s Power. These Guidelines provide the framework for Cuba’s recent economic changes, while also proposing an ambitious plan for development by 2030. Cuba’s economic growth is dependent upon the implementation of this policy and the hope it will facilitate investment, foreign trade, and the establishment of small private businesses. The Ministry of Foreign Trade is coordinating the foreign trade and investment policy since it is responsible for monitoring the Cuban trading enterprises doing business with foreign organizations.

Luis ​Hierro ​Sanchez ​received ​his ​law ​degree ​from ​the ​University ​of ​Havana ​in ​2014. ​Since ​then ​he ​has ​worked ​as ​a ​professor ​at ​the ​University ​of ​Havana, ​and ​was ​appointed ​as ​a ​judge ​to ​the ​Provincial ​Court ​of ​Havana ​in ​2016. ​Prior ​to ​starting ​his ​career ​in ​academia ​Mr. ​Hierro ​Sánchez ​worked ​as ​a ​community ​organizer ​for ​partial ​elections ​in ​the ​province ​of ​Havana. ​He ​was ​appointed ​by ​the ​National ​Electoral ​Commission ​to ​manage ​grassroots ​advocacy ​efforts ​and ​worked ​as ​a ​community ​speaker ​on ​the ​Cuban ​electoral ​system. ​In ​addition ​he ​worked ​as ​an ​Assistant ​to ​the ​Commission ​on ​Reform ​of ​the ​Cuban ​Law ​of ​Civil, ​Administrative, ​Labor ​and ​Economic ​Procedure. ​Mr. ​Hierro ​Sánchez’s ​areas ​of ​focus ​are ​public ​policy ​implementation ​and ​leadership ​for ​change. ​He ​hopes ​that ​the ​Hubert ​H. ​Humphrey ​Fellowship ​Program ​will ​help ​him ​improve ​Cuba's ​social ​and ​economic ​development.

Jeffrey ​Phillips ​is ​the ​Minnesota ​Department ​of ​Agriculture's ​International ​Trade ​Manager ​for ​Minnesota ​food ​and ​agribusiness ​industry. ​In ​encouraging ​and ​facilitating ​trade ​for ​Minnesota's ​food ​and ​agribusinesses, ​Jeffrey ​provides ​export ​counseling, ​assists ​with ​strategic ​planning, ​business ​partner ​matching, ​coordinating ​trade ​promotion ​activities, ​organizing ​and ​presenting ​at ​conferences ​and ​seminars, ​and ​hosting ​international ​visitors. ​Jeffrey ​previously ​served ​as ​the ​International ​Trade ​Representative ​for ​the ​European ​and ​Russian ​markets ​at ​the ​State ​of ​Minnesota ​Trade ​Office ​(MTO). ​Before ​joining ​the ​MTO, ​Jeffrey ​was ​senior ​food ​marketing ​specialist ​with ​the ​Minnesota ​Department ​of ​Agriculture. ​He ​assisted ​Minnesota’s ​processed ​food ​companies ​with ​business ​start-up; ​promotion; ​and ​assistance ​in ​package ​design, ​determining ​distribution ​channels, ​and ​meeting ​label ​and ​regulatory ​requirements. ​Jeffrey ​received ​a ​Bachelor ​of ​Business ​Administration ​from ​the ​University ​of ​Wisconsin ​- ​Oshkosh ​and ​additional ​training ​in ​food ​science ​& ​technology ​from ​the ​University ​of ​Minnesota.

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