Ko Koens - Slum tourism, ethics & local econ development

This year, coinciding with the festivities of Urban October, we are pleased to announce the third episode of the fifth season of the Global Urban Lectures, the 15 minute videos produced by UN-Habitat which has become our most popular knowledge product.

Ko Koens – Slum Tourism
Breda University

Ko Koens from Breda University in this lecture focuses on introducing the fast growing concept of tourism to economically less developed areas, also known as slum tourism, the ethical issues that it needs to deal with, its governance and the ways it may contribute to local development.

About the Global Urban Lectures:

UN-Habitat’s Global Urban Lecture series are 15-minute lectures on themes related to sustainable urbanisation, delivered by renowned experts, UN-Habitat partners and UN-Habitat staff. The submissions are received as response to an open public call and are competitively assessed by the team of RCDB. Those selected enter into the production line and are launched through all media.

The Global Urban Lecture Series documents knowledge and experience on thematic areas of the UN-Habitat mandate. The lectures outlines and issue/problem, provides evidences how this manifests itself and present propositions and examples how it can be addressed. The Global Urban Lecture reaches more than 65 countries and is seen, used and downloaded by universities, NGO’, government officials, students, professionals and by a large group of young urban professionals who will soon be the ones taking crucial positions in making cities work in the future.

Besides the video, each lecture also includes a synopsis, a biography of the speaker, an MP3 and links to additional reading material for further study.

Find all seasons of the Global Urban Lectures at: https://unhabitat.org/urban-knowledge/urban-lectures/ or the videos only here: https://www.youtube.com/user/unhabitatglobal

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