MPP alum Draine attends Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria

Global Minnesota Professional Exchanges Manager Ms. Laurel Draine received a 2018 Salzburg Global Seminar McKnight Foundation Fellowship to attend the September session of "Understanding America in the 21st Century: Culture and Politics" in Austria. Laurel is an MPP student focusing on Global Public Policy.  Her comments:

"The Salzburg Global Seminar exceeds its goal to bridge divides and expand collaboration among delegates by carefully selecting attendees, curating speakers with a wealth of knowledge and by providing an environment for delegates to discuss the United States’ role in the international system. The organizers also thoughtfully included traditional Austrian food and music to provide visitors with a vibrant cultural experience. 

Professors, community leaders and experts were brought together in sessions on presidential power, race and culture, trade issues with China and the future of Russian/U.S. relations. All presenters were candid and provided critical information for participants to consider.

Receiving the McKnight Fellowship offered me a vital and unique opportunity to share my perspective and receive thoughtful insight from leaders in the American Studies field. I believe this knowledge will be useful in my current work in building relationships between Minnesota and the rest of the world by connecting with international visitors. It was amazing to meet so many people fascinated by the United States. In a world with turbulent politics, Salzburg Global Seminar Sessions are effectively connecting people across borders and fostering relationships between academic, nonprofit and private institutions."

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Salzburg Global Seminar (SGS) McKnight Foundation Fellowship Program

The International Fellows and Scholars Program office is proud to administer a university-wide program that awards fellowships to outstanding residential mid-career professionals to attend a session at the Salzburg Global Seminar through a grant from the McKnight Foundation.

The Salzburg Global Seminar convenes imaginative thinkers from different cultures and institutions, organizes problem-focused initiatives, supports leadership development and engages opinion-makers through active communication networks, all in partnership with leading institutions from around the world and across different sectors of society. Sessions average about five-days supporting the mission of the Seminar to challenge present and future leaders to solve issues of global concerns. Beginning in 1947, the Salzburg Global Seminar has convened more than 25,000 fellows representing more than 160 countries. 
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